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Swimming Victoria seeks to provide a range of resources for both Clubs and their Members to assist them in forming and running their organisation. We've divided the information into five sections:

  • Regulation
  • Policy
  • Membership & Club Affiliation
  • Additional sources of help for your Club
  • Training opportunties

Some of the information may link to other parts of the Swimming Victoria website or the Swimming Australia website, but is provided here to assist you in your search for information to assist you in your organisation and enjoyment of our sport.



Several pieces of information can assist you with understanding Regulations that apply to the management and governance of your club:

In 2012 the Victorian Government introduced a change in the regulations governing incorporated Clubs. Clubs and Districts have a 12 month period in which to transition to those changes. Effectively 26 November 2013 the new regulations will come into force. To assist you in the transition to the new rules, Swimming Victoria is providing you with several pieces of information including:

Revised Club Model Rules (eff February 2013) which encompass all required changes to regulations. If you would like a "word" version of this document please contact Swimming Victoria on

A checklist which details each of the changes required. This checklist can be used to validate against your current Constitution or Rules, and help you confirm where you need to be to be up to date

Advice from Pilch Connect - the not-for-profit Law firm specialist - which gives you broader information about the process of transition

In addition, the Victorian Governament provides an excellent on-line resource for not-for-profit organisations such as Swimming Clubs. Press here to link to the website and the range of resources it can provide.



In this section you will find links to policies which apply to all Swimming Victoria members, along with policies which you may wish to use as a reference for your Club

Policies which apply to all Swimming Victoria members include:

SAL Member Welfare Policy | SAL Member Welfare Procedure

SAL Child Welfare Policy | SAL Child Welfare Procedures

2011 Behavioural Guidelines (SAL Brochure)

Working With Children Check Information

Policy information that may assist you further includes:  

2012 Active Investment Policy thoughts for Clubs and Districts

2012 UV Exposure and Heat Illness Information and Sample Policy for Clubs

Smoke Free Policy Kit for Sporting Clubs (Vic Health)

Companion Card Policy/Guidelines



Whilst most information you need to know about membership and affiliation can be found in the Membership area of this website, the information here may assist you to gain a brief oversight and guidance

How to Form a Swimming Club (SVI Document)

Club Affiliation 2012/13

2012/13 Membership Form Template

Swimming Victoria Clubsonline Policy - this information applies to manual payments in Clubs On Line



Swimming Victoria recently sought confirmation from its insurers - JLT - about the range of activities covered by our Insurance program. Please press here to find more information about the breadth of coverage of the insurance program that you join via your affiliation with Swimming Victoria.



Please find resources or links to resources which you may find useful in a range of more general areas:

Club Development Network (Ausport). You may wish to join clubs from around Australia in this development resource provided by the Australian Sports Commission

Play by the Rules - information to assist your Club to be welcoming and inclusive to all

The Club Help website has a huge range of information to assist volunteers in Sports & Recreation Clubs

2012 Club Development Conference Resources - useful resources from the Club Development Conference held by Swimming Victoria in 2012. Press here for a link to the Club Development area of this website where even more information is available to assist you.

Guidelines for Running Swimming Meets - (Updated July 2013)

Fundraising Directory - may provide you with great ideas to introduce at your club to help you further



Swimming Victoria offers a range of training opportunities to assist you and your Club further. Press here to link to the Training Opportunities section of this website for more information




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